33 Year Old Filipino Superstar

Dennis Orcollo has in a sense beaten Vegas. Any touch-luck loser knows that when playing long enough the house always wins. This is not the case for Dennis though. He destroyed his competition for the 4th time.

He went unbeaten through the 96 player bracket without a hiccup in his record. When finally getting to the hot seat Orcollo thumped his opponent with an 11 to 4 win. Orcollo went home the champion once again and took the 15 thousand dollar prize with him.

What does this tell us? 15k? That is only like three months worth of a salary. Well I mean that is more than I personally make in a year, but it is three months salary of what I would like to make. And, this guy is the champion. Lets get more people playing pool and lets get these wagers raised.

One more thing, next time don’t go easy on the Filipino people.