Kieth O’dell, Amazing Child Prodigy

This kid started playing pool when he was 20 months old.  Calculating months into years. Hold on a second. Yup, that is before he was even two.  It looks like he started on a 27″ mini pool table w/ legs and accessories.

How does a kid acquire such a table? Well the answer is obvious, his father is also a big pool player.  His father, Kieth Sr, took his mother, Kate, to a pool hall for their first date.  Little did they know that there love for billiards would conceive a child prodigy.

The pool prodigy started playing for two or more hours a day when he first got his hands on a pool stick.  Of course he had to take nap breaks and snack breaks, and the occasional diaper changing break.

Now he is four years old and he plays on a regulation size table, just like all the other pros.  Currently he is sponsored by almost every major pool table manufacturer and he is got quite a following on Youtube, his  channel is called littlesniper07. Check it out.

Here he is playing with the big boys.