A Couple Myths About Pool

As with any game, in pool their are many misconceptions that or myths that plague the game.  These myths may deter people from getting better or strengthening their basic game, or even from picking the game up in the first place.  It is unfortunate that some of these myths are floating around, but this is exactly the reason for this post, to dispel some of the myths of billiards.

First of all, in some people’s mind, they see pool or billiards as being a male game.  This is not true, just ask Allison Fisher, Julie Kelly, or Jeanette Lee, each of these players have effectively taken the game by storm.

“I missed because the pool table wasn’t level.”  Ever heard this before?  Well, in all honesty, that’s not the reason you missed.  You missed because you didn’t take into account all the factors.

“Balls bounce off of the rails like light reflects off of a mirror.”  Not true, the angle that a ball is hit at the rail does not equal the angle of reflection.

“Great pool players win because they can hit impossible shots.”  While it is true that great pool players can hit impossible shots, that’s not what helps them take home the trophy.  What makes all the difference is that great pool players know how to sink balls and set up for upcoming shots, thus it always looks like skilled pool players always have a succession of easy shots.

“Stance, grips, bridges, mental state, wishing, follow through, etc… affect the shot.”  In all honesty those have little to do with the spacial orientation of the cue at the moment of contact, the flexibility and resistance of the cue, velocity of the cue stick, geometry of the cue, the coefficient of friction between the tip and cue ball, etc.  Needless to say, it’s going to make more than just a positive mental attitude to really become a great pool player.

Finally, the last myth is, “Skill can beat pure luck.”  There’s not much that can really be done about luck.  You win some, you lose some.

These are just a couple of the myths that seem to be running amok among pool players.  The best thing a player can do is keep an objective view of the situation and make sure to realize there is a lot more than magic when it comes to becoming a good player.