A Couple Pool Tips

There’s no hiding it, ever since you first saw the movie “The Hustler” you’ve wanted to become a pool shark.  You were captivated by the way people can sink  those balls into the pockets without any apparent effort.


So maybe pool isn’t your life’s greatest ambition, but like many people, you do play every once in awhile.  However there is a good chance that, whenever you do play, your efforts although noble, are typically fruitless.

Well, have no fear, here are a few tips for all you up and coming pool sharks.

First and foremost, have you ever wondered what good that little blue (or sometimes different colored) thing does when player apply it to the tip of the cue stick?  Well, chalking gives you better action as it prevents the cue stick from sliding off the cue stick too quickly.

One more thing for you as a beginner to focus on is making sure to hit the ball directly in the center.  Sure, pros do often like fancy things like put spin and English on the ball, but learning to develop that base of being able to hit the ball where you want it as you develop and move on to more advanced techniques.

Also remember that stance is an important factor to becoming a stronger billiards player.  Your stance will allow you to look directly down the stick at both the cue ball and the target ball.  This is a vital skill as you progress towards becoming a better player.

Finally, practice getting the cue ball into the place that you want it go.  This is necessary in being able to line up shots successively and is going to be crucial in your overall strategy as you move up the ladder of skill.  A good way to practice this is to shoot the cue ball without hitting any object balls.

Above all, remember that amazing, or even decent billiard skills do not develop overnight, they come as a result of practice and hard work.  Never discount that principle as you continue to strive to become a better player.

Carlos Morgan is a 22 year old Communications Major hoping to get into Law School one day and make a difference. If you feel you want to know more, check out his Google+