Basic Skill Test

Find out your skill level by performing a series of different shots.  This will give you a good idea of where you are and what you need to work on. So when someone challenges you to a game of pool you can accept with confidence in the skill level you have.


Test One

The black ball is the object ball, and the cue ball is illustrated with a ‘c’.   Start in position 1, indicated by the one, and aim to pocket the object ball in the top left corner.  If you successfully pocket the ball move the cue ball to position 2. For every time you pocket the object ball move the cue ball further left, notice the position of the cue ball stays aligned with the diamonds.  Keep the object ball in the same position for each shot.  If the shot is missed then as a penalty you must move the cue ball down one position.  Try to get all the way to seven without any mistakes.

Test Two (draw)

The object ball is indicated by the circular drawing near the bottom left.  Cue ball will move along the rail as indicated by the numbers, similar to exercise one.  You may have read this move in an earlier post. The trick is to pocket the object ball while getting the cue ball to return to its original position by using draw technique. Each time a shot is successful move the cue ball down; however, if it is not you must move the cue ball back to its earlier position.