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MOFUDAT (MOst Famous and Useful Drill of All Time)

The objective of this drill is to hit the cue ball straight toward the foot rail and have it return to the the cue stick.  This drill will test your stroke, alignment and aim.  That is what makes it so effective.   Start with the cue ball in the D spot on the table.  Center […]

How to play Nine Ball

Nin- ball is a great pool game that is very playable even though it is not as popular as its cousin pool game of 10-ball, which is also called 8 ball. Nine-ball is a great billiards game because it has very simple rules and you can play a game fairly quickly.   To play a […]

Getting familiar with Billiards

  Billiards is an umbrella term for a family of related leisure games that are all played on similar billiards tables with cue sticks, cue balls and pocket balls. Three are many different kinds of billiards games that range from having an international fame and following to games that are rather esoteric and rarely played. […]

Creating Your Game Room

When designing a house many people, should the money be available, like add what is called a game room, or a billiards room.  This is a room with a pool table as the center piece, but also includes other leisure-type games, for personal amusement during downtimes and also for the amusement of guests.   The […]

All about Trick Shots

  Pool has often been thought of as a fun leisure-type game where the object of the game is to pocket certain balls before your opponent.  However, aside from traditional pool, there is also an artistic side that focuses more on tricks and what are called trick shots.  As an organized cue sports discipline, trick […]

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