Change Things Up With Bumper Pool

If you ever get bored of playing pool, you might want to consider a variation of it or a new game entirely. One great way to shake things up is playing a game of Bumper Pool. You can use some of your billiards skills, but you’ll be playing a totally different game. Bumper Pool does require it’s own table though!

The tables are different in a few ways. For one, a Bumper Pool table is a little smaller than a traditional billiards table. It only has two pocket, one on each end of the table. The standard Bumper Pool table has 12 bumpers, though some have as many is 16! As shown in the picture, each pocket has 2 bumpers immediately next to it, one on each side. The remainder of the bumpers form a + in the middle.

Bumper Pool is like Billiards and mini-golf mixed together. The object of the game is to shoot your ball into the pocket at the opposite end of the table using bumpers. It’s played with a total of 10 balls: 5 red ones for one player, 5 white ones for the other. The player’s marked ball needs to go into the pocket before he/she can focus on putting the others in. One difference Bumper Pool has from billiards is that you don’t have an assigned cue ball. Instead, you directly hit the ball that you want to go into the pocket.

To start off the game, the two opponents hit their marked ball simultaneously. If they both make it in, they repeat the process. If both players simultaneously make it in on all 5 shots, then it’s considered a draw or a tie. But if one person doesn’t make it, then the person who did gets to go next. If neither player made it into the pocket, then person who got the closest gets to go next. As with billiards, the person’s turn continues until they fail to sink a ball. The first person with all of their balls sunk wins!

As you can see, Billiards and Bumper Pool have a lot of differences and similarities. If you are getting bored with billiards, then Bumper Pool might be a nice change.

If you want more information about the fouls and particulars of Bumper Pool, check out Wikipedia’s page on Bumper Pool.


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