Curving The Object Ball

How often when you’re playing pool is the path of the object ball just barely blocked by another ball?  The answer is probably several times a game, and this little situation can cause major complications in game play.


A curve in the object ball would solve everything because it would avoid the obstruction ball and it would wiggle its way back on to the right trajectory. Using curve is not an exact science, one can only learn through trial and error, which really means a lot of error.


However, if you do not know where to begin than it is going to take you a long time before you even start getting the ball on the right course.  With any particular shot where you may want to curve the object ball you need to get a feel for how much it has to be curved.


On your own time, outside of games, set up some trick shots where you can practice.  First get a feel for how much the object ball needs to spin and by doing this you will get an idea of how you have to hit the cue ball.


The object ball is going to want to pick up the same spin as the cue ball, so all you have to do is get the right English and draw and it will transfer over to the object ball.  The draw is necessary here because otherwise the spin wouldn’t make as much influence the object ball.


If you are trying to curve around an opponent’s ball that is lying against the rail and get the object ball to ride said rail then you are going to have to employ some draw and English.  Take a look at the curve you want to get on the object ball, and look at the point where contact has to be made.


When you are hitting the cue ball you want to have the cue stick as level as possible.  Any unconscious angling in the stick is going to through off the shot.


Getting the cue stick one hundred percent level is going to give you an added air of accuracy to your shots.  Now bring the cue stick to about 30 degrees height, a little ways below center, and just a pinch to the side.


Most people will overdo it when they are setting up curve shots.  This is a highly advanced move, so start practicing now so you can incorporate it into your next game.