Diamond Pool Tables

Diamond makes professional billiard tables, literally. Diamond is widely used in major billiard events and competitions. These are very high quality tables for the very serious billiards competitor. If you play recreationally or leisurely, then you’ll want to pass on Diamond. These are probably way out of your price range and more than you could possibly need. However, if you are a big time player, then this is the best table you could practice on as it is going to be the same table you compete on most of the time. Diamond tables come with tons of customization, featuring lots of finishes to choose from as well as cloth colors. They make several home models:


Diamond Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. diamond tables are the best out there i have played on gold crown fives wich would be the closest in tightness and cushion reaction but still not a diamond nothing plays like a diamond it makes you work for your victory an A++++ in my book i recommend one to any and all serious players

    Review posted by dereke

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