Did you know?

Billiards is pretty awesome. At least I think that it is. I haven’t really played billiards for too long but I have been doing lots of reading up on the history of billiards and I think that it is really cool. Did you know that billiards is related to garden games like croquet or poison and that the green grass that is in those games is the reason that the felt in billiards tables is traditionally green? It could be green for another reason too.

Apparently the color green is the best color that lets the human eye differentiate between shades without overtaxing the nerves in the eye. So basically it would hurt your eyes or give you a headache after a while to play the same game of pool or snooker or whatever with a table that was blue or especially yellow or red. This is also why night vision goggles are green if you don’t believe me. Anyway, billiards has an interesting history like that.

The game of pool too has a pretty interesting history. Apparently, back in the day when horse racing was bigger, gamblers would meet in billiards lounges or some similar place to pool their money together in order to get a bidder pot after the race. This pooling of the money came to be associated with billiards and eventually there was a billiards game called pool. This could also be why pool has something of a shady reputation for some people since it was basically created by sneaky gamblers.