Does anyone know how to repair a pool cue?

I migh be in huge trouble because I broke my cousin’s pool cue when I had it. I don’t know if it can really be reapaired because I don’t know very much about pool. None of the wood is broke but when it snapped the guy at the pool hall said it was because the joint had broken. I knew how to take the cue apart anyways but I hadn’t even been messing around with it. The pieces went together with a screw thing that just clicks into place not the kind that you need to twist on and off. Anyways I had it leaning against the pool table when I wasn’t there and when I came back some kid had tripped over it and cracked something. I can get the stick to stay together for a little bit and it looks fine if it is just sitting there or if you hold it right but if you twist it either way it will come apart. I don’t know if this cue is expensive or if it will cost more to replace it than it would to fix it.

If anyone knows about fixing pool cues or how much it costs to get a custom pool cue let me know. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to afford a new pool cue but I kind of want to know how much my cousin had invested in his pool cue. None of the wood is broken though but the metal is glued into the wood so I don’t know how you would get it out.