Don’t Blame the Pool Table

I got talking to the owner of the pool hall I play at, and he told me some stories about whining pool players that he has seen in his place. There were plenty of players that came to the pool hall to argue more than to work on their game, but some of the worst sports where actually exceptionally good players who just weren’t able to take anything less than perfection.

One of the problems that players liked to complain about was the return system that the pool tables in the hall used. This has to do with the mechanics in the coin operated table that return the cue ball after it has been accidentally pocketed. These particular pool tables used slightly smaller cue balls so that they could be returned without paying for a new game again. Tons of pool halls use a system like this without any problem, but there were people in this pool hall that would constantly blame missed shots on the table and the cue ball.

It makes some sense if you think about the way that the cue ball would affect an angled shot. If you had a 50 degree angle between the cue ball and the invisible line from the object ball to the pocket then you would have a pretty narrow space to aim for. A smaller ball would actually make for a more precis shot if you were expecting it but I guess there were players who never got use to it.

The funny thing the owner told me was that he finally bought a pool table with nice leather pockets where the balls could be picked out easily an no one played it. Go figure.