Hitting The Jump Shot

Although the phrase jump shot may sound like some allusion to basketball, there is also a shot that can be performed in pool that is called a jump shot.  Although, your actual body is not jumping, the ball is.  A jump shot will send the ball off the pool table flying into the air.


Jump shots can be a cool way that you can show off to your friends and family, but the best part about it is that it is a fairly easy shot for you to learn.  It may appear to be tricky, but if you know the proper technique, it is easy to perform and learn.


When setting up to do a jump shot, you set up like you would regularly set up to hit a classic pool stroke, but the difference is you will raise your shooting arm and allow it to fold into your body.  Your forearm and you elbow should still, however, be in the plane of the line of aim as the cue ball.


The trick to hitting the jump shot is to hit down forcefully on the ball, so as to squeeze the cue ball between the cue stick and the pool table.  The ball will then take off from the table into the air.  Once you have hit the shot, the cue stick should follow the motion into the air.


Again, the secret to hitting the jump shot is to make sure to hit down onto the cue ball in order to pinch the ball between the cue stick and the pool table.  This pinching motion will allow the ball to fly into the air and make your jump shot allowing you to show off a little.


In former times, the jump shot was not considered a legal shot to hit in many pool circles and tournaments.  However, over the course of time, it has become a valid shot to use, unless told otherwise.


The danger of the jump shot comes from its unpredictability when a beginner hits it.  It is very possible that a jump shot could fly right off the pool table and into a person.  Thus, because of this risk, the jump shot has been looked down upon.


However, it does serve a great purpose, when an otherwise easy shot is blocked by one or several other balls.  Therefore, the jump shot has the potential to get you out of some very difficult situations.