How to Play 14.1 Continuous

There are literally more than 30 documented games that no one ever really hears about. One of which is 14.1 continuous, this is a great game for those who may be bored with the monotonous flow of traditional eight ball.


Begin the 15 balls racked in the triangle and the cue ball in the kitchen.  The most predominant difference in this game is that it is a nomination game, meaning that every shot that you want to play has to be called.


For example if you wanted to hit the one ball in the corner pocket, you would have to then say “one ball corner pocket”.  That goes for any and every shot that you wish to legally sink.


A player may pocket as many balls as he likes in his turn, however as soon as that player fails to pocket a ball or fouls then his turn is over. So Far this game probably seems very simple in comparison to other billiards and pool games.


Breaking the triangle is a little bit trickier in this game, when breaking the player must either call an object ball and pocket it in an intended pocket or cause the cue ball to contact the rack and a rail as well as having two object balls hit a rail.  Any time these conditions are not met the players receive a minus two point penalty.


The opposing player can either choose to re-rack or to play the balls where they lay.  In this game it doesn’t matter if you play a stripe or a solid in your turn, so long as you make it clear that is the object ball you intend to pocket.


14.1 continuous is a much more strict game, for every foul you will take a minus one score.  So if you don’t pocket any balls and perform a number of fouls throughout the game it is quite possible that you could end up with a negative score.


Same fouls in pool apply to 14.1: any ball coming off the table is a foul, missing the intended object ball is a foul, a ball not intended is pocketed is a foul.  For defensive purposes a player may call “safety” which basically is them stating they don’t expect to make any balls.


If a ball is dropped in a safety shot there is no foul.  Any time a ball is unintentionally pocketed it is spotted, meaning placed back in play.


After a player has pocketed the fourteenth ball, all the balls are re-racked, he then has a choice to either try and pocket the last remaining ball from the previous rack or to continue his run.  That is how the game earned its name “continuous”.


So if you are behind and you don’t want to lose, it is best to keep your run going as long as possible.  This game could seemingly last forever, which makes it great for those of you who really want to test your skills and endurance.