Interesting Billiards

Billiard games like pool are amazing games that most people don’t really know much about. For example, most people are unaware that billiards is actually a family of distinct games and not just a fancy snob word for pool.


Pool is arguably the most recognizable billiards game, at least in the United States, but some other popular games are snooker and carom billiards. These games have totally different game plays, tables and cues; carom billiards tables don’t even pockets! That is something that most people don’t know.


Billiards has also offered itself as an outlet for creative artists and technical engineers. Some of the most advanced technologies have been incorporated into billiards tables with amazing effects.


For example, what if there were a pool table that had an interactive playing surface and the entire billiards table were a giant tablet device? This has already happened!


One company called ObscuraDigital has made billiards tables that have multiple touch sensors on a flawlessly playable billiards table. Some programming options allow your billiards balls to rocket across the table with a tail of flames like a rocket or else to send ripples across a reflective surface as if you were playing on water.


One other amazing billiards table allows for billiards games to be played in the most unlikely area. Before this technological advantage was harnessed, the most luxurious cruise ships were unable to offer their passengers a working billiards table.


The solution: a billiards table that is built around a powerful and exquisite gyroscope. A gyroscope is has a  heavy fast-spinning core that resists any change of direction on its axis. This is one example of technology making awesome billiards tables.