Is Darts Better than Pool?

Well here’s a question for the ages: which is more enjoyable, darts or pool? I’m going to try and make this a level playing field so the first step is going to be getting all the facts on the table.

First off, you’ve got to consider whether you will be playing the leisure games by yourself or with others. And if you are playing with others, will you be playing competitively or casually?

Casual darts is fun but for many people there is not much that you can do besides practice your aim and your style. Billiards on the other hand will lend itself well to individual play since there are pretty much an infinite number of shots and scenarios that you could set up. Besides that, you could work on specific shots such as masse shots, rail shots and the like. The only thing in darts that is comparable to this is trying to get specific shot sequences and combinations.


If you are playing with others in either of these leisure games you will have to put everything that you learned in your individual games into practice. Competitive darts is not much different in its game play than individual darts. True, your opponent’s darts could be clogging the triple 20’s or they could even knock your darts loose after you’ve make a shot but at least they won’t be knocking your darts onto other areas of the playable surface with every shot.


Competitive billiards can be lots of fun since there is always a new angle to play. It should be taken into account, however that competitive billiards could be frustrating for the exact same reasons.