Lag for Break

Lag is used to determine who breaks the rack. Basically, you and your opponent take a ball from with the kitchen and shoot it toward the foot rail.  The objective is to get the ball to bounce off the foot rail and stop as close as possible toward the head rail. Whoever is closest to the head rail earns the break. It is very simple.  Some people say both players need to shoot for lag at the same time, but I don’t think that is a necessary rule.

In order to clarify there is a 90 second video showing you exactly how to “lag for break”


There you go.  A super simple way to make the beginning of each game a little more entertaining. Like our friend said in the video though, if you do not want to break the rack you really don’t have to.

Other Ways of Determining Who Breaks

  • Flipping a Coin
  • Previous Winner Breaks
  • Mutual Agreement (obviously)
  • Buyer Breaks (For Paid Pool Tables)
  • Paper, Rock, Scissors (Hey, it’s an option)
  • First Call Gets the Shot