Learning All About Spin

When playing ping pong there are so many different styles that are displayed and used by different players.  For a beginning player, it can be a little overwhelming, and oftentimes intimidating, as players encounter different styles of play.


Many beginning players are thrown off by the different types of spin, especially top spin and side spin.  When dealing with spin, it can be very difficult to anticipate the movement of the balls and judge which would be the best shot to use in order to counter.


However, a proper understanding of the use of spin can significantly increase a player’s skill level and help a player to better anticipate the direction that a ball will bounce.  Spin may seem like a difficult concept to master, but with instruction and experience, it can become easier.


In order to start using spin, it is necessary to understand the various types of spin.  In that regard, there are three different types of spin that can be hit.



Notice the slight difference in the strike area

The first and most aggressive type of spin is called top spin.  This spin is hit by brushing the ball in an upward motion, or brushing the top half of the ball.  Upon hitting the table, a ball hit with top spin will bounce forward quickly, almost as if it was jumping off the table.


The next type of spin is called side spin.  This type of spin is achieved by hitting the ball in a horizontal motion, brushing from side to side.  The ball, upon hitting the table, will move in a sideways motion from left to right, or right to left.


The last type of spin that will be discussed is called under spin.  Just as the name suggests, this type of spin is hit by slicing downward on the ball in a slant.  This will cause the ball to bounce weaker, or in extreme cases can cause to ball to bounce back towards to player that hit it.


Each of these types of spins is useful in a game if used strategically.  Watching pro players can be very instructive as they employ each of these types of spin on a consistent basis.


Understanding how ball will to spin a ball on a pool table is just valuable as knowing how to hit ball on a pool table or even a tennis court.  It is necessary element to learn, especially among the higher skill levels of players.