Learning the Game of Snookers

Snooker is a billiards game that has evolved in Europe parallel to pool in the United States, although bot pool and snookers are played extensively on both continents. Snookers was originally created by Brittish arm officers who were stationed in the Arabian, and the term snooker actually refered to a newcomer to the royal armed forces before it refered to any billiards game.


Snooker is played on a billiards table that resembles the table used for other pocket billiads games but it has some interesting differences. The table used for snooker is larger than a pool table for example, with measurnemts of five feel by twelve  all the way up to six by twelve foot English tables.


The bumpers on snooker tables are also a bit diferent because the edges leading into the pockets are rounded whereas the similar corners or a pool table would be angled. This difference makes potting a ball somewhat easier since a near miss will hit a more complying angled cushion.


Snooker is played between two players who alternate as the striker when a turn is terminated by a foul, or by a fauilure to pot a target ball. If more than one game or set is being played between the two players, as in tournament play, they will alternate breaking at the start of the new set or else they will simple draw to see who breaks.


On the snooker table there are fifteen red balls that are all worth one point when potted which are racked near the head of the table as well as six additional balls of various colors have designated point values and positions.


The fifteen red balls are racked near the head of the table. The yellow ball is worth two points when potted and is placed on the left side of an imaginary line that runs parallel to the foot of the table about twenty seven inches from the foot.


The green ball is worth three points when potted and is placed opposite the yellow ball towards the left side of the same imaginary line. A brown ball that is worth three points is placed in the center of the yellow ball and the green ball.


The additional three colored balls are placed in line with the brown ball running from the foot of the table to the head. The blue ball is worth five points and sits exactly in the middle of the table, the pink ball is worth six points and is placed near the tip of the pyramid of racked reds without touching them and the black ball, being worth seven points is placed behind the reds along the same imaginary line.