MOFUDAT (MOst Famous and Useful Drill of All Time)

The objective of this drill is to hit the cue ball straight toward the foot rail and have it return to the the cue stick.  This drill will test your stroke, alignment and aim.  That is what makes it so effective.


Start with the cue ball in the D spot on the table.  Center the cue tip with ball and slowly rock it back and forth in your cradle.  The point of this is to train your arm to hold the proper position even as you strike the ball.  Keep the movement controlled and steady; do not rush it. Hold the elbow in the same position, letting your forearm swing like a pendulum.


Pool alignmentIf you strike the cue ball just right it will bounce of the foot rail and come back to the place it was.  However if your aim is off then the ball will not travel in a straight line and will travel at an angle.  If your aim is true, but your alignment is off, the ball will travel in a straight line but it will deflect off the rail.  In the case of contacting a ball, poor alignment can cause for a variable of random outcomes. Lastly make sure that your stroke is good.  If you do not have proper technique you could hit the ball off center and of tangent.


While setting up the shot bend your body down low.  Keep a straight line from your elbow to your eyes to cue ball.  Your entire body should be in one straight line, this will prevent any error that could happen.  Look at the shot, double check to make sure alignment, position and aim are all right, and then keep your eyes focused on the target.  Remember test the stroke with a few slow rocks.


Follow through with the shot and after contact freeze. Do not move a muscle. In a normal game you would have to lift your cue stick off the table, but for this drill we want to see if you can get the cue ball to come back to your stick.  If you do then the drill was a success.  Keep practicing until you can hit the ball perfectly straight every time.  This is the best drill for developing technique.