One-Pocket Pool

When it comes to a game of pool, there are many different variations. Pool tables are quite versatile, since there are so many different games that can be played on them. One of these variations is called One-Pocket Pool.

This game consists of trying to get any object ball into a specific pocket. This makes the game more about defensive strategy than offensive. When any ball falls into the specified pocket, the shooter gets one point. A player wins by reaching the decided number of points first. For example, you and your opponent might agree that the first to get 8 points wins.

The game starts off by one player making the break shot. This is decided by winning the lag. This happens by each player simultaneously shooting from the kitchen (an end of the pool table) and shooting a ball  to the end rail and back to the bottom rail. Whoever gets closest to the bottom rail gets to break the rack.

The player making the break shot gets to choose which corner foot pocket he/she wants, and the other player gets the other foot pocket. They can only shoot balls into their designated pockets; if a player’s shot sends a ball into another pocket, the player gets a foul. A foul results in the player losing 1 point and the opponent gets to reposition the ball. If there’s a scratch, than the incoming player gets ball in hand behind the head string. 3 fouls loses the game.

Sounds fun, right? It’s certainly a great way to change things up and use your pool table for something new. I can’t wait to go try this out!

I got most of my information from Wikipedia’s page on One-Pocket Pool, so you can go there for more information on handicaps and any other questions you might have.


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