Parkinson’s Law in Pool

A task will expand in time and complexity depending on the time or amount of time you spend on it. Basically put into practice this means, if you want to make a simple problem something very complex and over complicated then spend a lot of time on it.

What can we glean from mister Parkinson’s philosophical rule of law?  Do not waste your time over-complicating simple shots.  I watch novice players do it all the time.  There are a number of simple shots laid right in front of them and for some reason the go for the triple rail rebound with a carom of the red.

Ok, I understand that it does take a little bit of practice to start to really visualize the table.  With time you will start seeing the right shots, and, of course, sometimes complicated shots are unavoidable.  However, there is no need to over complicate things.  Just a little tip for all you players. Now go get back to it.