Pocket Billiards Breaking the Rack

The first move to any pocket billiards game is going to be breaking the rack.  It is embarrassing if the break turns out to be a flop and the balls hardly spread at all.


Even worse though, when all the balls are bunched up at the head of the table it throws off the flow of the game.  When the balls are all huddled together like that the game becomes slowly paced and, well, more boring.


Breaking the rack is easy and you do not have to even have to put a lot of effort in to it.  A lot of people are going to swing the stick extra hard trying to get more velocity and power in their shot, but what happens is they just end up losing a lot of accuracy in their shot.


You can put the cue ball anywhere you want as long as it is behind the kitchen, so place it a little to the right or the left, which ever you are more comfortable with.  Having a slight angle to the shot is going to break the rack up more.

It is like bowling, if you hit the king pin straight on there will still be other pins standing in their original position.  When you hit it at an angle it gets more impact with more of the pins, and the same goes for pocket billiards.


Even though you want to hit it at an angle though you still want to hit the head ball straight on.  So imagine the point on the head ball where you want to hit and draw an imaginary line straight to the cue ball.


Try to keep your cue stick in line with this imaginary line.  Take your stance by pushing your front leg out just a little to the side.


If you are dominant right hand then you will hold the cue sticks tip in your left hand cradle, and your left leg should be out to the side enabling you to lean low into the shot.  Hold the base of the stick lightly in the right hand, tensing the hand and squeezing the stick is going to constrict movement so stay relaxed.


Let your arm swing naturally at the elbow and keep the tip of the stick in its cradle.  This will keep the shot aligned, minimizing any error.


Give a few practice pushes just to get the feeling of the swing and then let it rip.