Pool Basics, Preshot Routine

The pre-shot routine refers to a series of steps that are going to develop consistency in your game.  These steps should be learned and turned into habits, performed without thinking before every shot.  There are four steps to minimizing adverse variables that may affect the outcome of your shot.

  • Formulate a Plan
  • Align the Body and Cue
  • Stroke along the Aim Line

1. When formulating a plan the first thing you want to do is circle the table.  Look at all your different options. Decide whether you want to shoot an offensive shot a defensive shot. Measure and weigh your options. Determine your course of action before you approach the shot.

2. Position your body in the line of aim. Approach the shot directly and get a clear view on the angle. Then as you start aligning the stick with the shot, move your feet out at a 45 degree angle to get a straight stroke.


3. Check your stance, grip and bridge.  Stance should be comfortable.  Grip on the butt of the stick should be loose and relaxed. The bridge should be comfortable and easy for the stick to slide through.  Make sure to double check these before taking the shot.

4. Execute the stroke. Your cue stick should follow the aim line you set up in step two. This will improve accuracy, insuring that the cue ball follows that same line.  Remember to fallow through with the stroke.

By Thom