Pool Tricks for a Nickle

In the world of pool there are so many trick shots that it can be hard to make a name for yourself, even if you are a great player. Here are two pool tricks; the first is a nickle trick-shot and the second is a nickle-shot trick.


The first trick shot involves shooting a single ball into a rail and launching a coin which is sitting on the rail into a shot glass. This trick is good because it involves props other than billiards balls and cues.


That said, for this trick you place a shot glass at the head of the pool table, off of the cloth so that it is sitting on the wood edge. The glass should be directly in the middle, although you could conceivably make this shot on any part of the table; placing the glass at the head of the table will make the shot more impressive because you will need to be more accurate in your shot.


The nickle will be placed on the bumper and in front of the shot glass. The nickle will have to be in just the right place so that when a ball is shot against it, the force of the compressed bumber pops the nickle up and into the glass.

If that doesn’t impress the crowd, get an unassuming male assistant to help you with another nickle trick. Place two billiards balls near the top pockets and have your assistant “guard” the pockets by placing his hands near them.

Vulnerable is good.

With your assistant in position you will place a nickle 5 inches from the head rail and centered with your assistants–um– belly button. Tell your assistant that you will shoot at the nickle and the ball will either squirt left or right and straight into one of the pockets and that he will have to try and catch it before it makes it.

To see what actually happens, click here. Good Luck.