Reality Becomes Augmented

So there are a lot of really neat concepts for pool designs these days.  Already a good pool table is going to be a little bit spendy, so these cutting edge prototypes are obviously very, very expensive.  Last time I checked one of these ran for close to 150k.  If dollars were pounds then that would be 75 tons, or the economy would be a little stronger depending on how you look at it.

The cool thing is prices are dropping drastically each day.  A year ago these think would have gone for 200k.  Thank you, technological  development for being so speedy.   By the time  your child is your age, I could see the upper middle class buying these, If they want to really blow a load on some sticks and balls.

The reason an augmented reality pool table is better than a regular reality pool table is because it does this. Augmented reality pool tutor


In case you can’t tell.  That light is a line, showing where the ball is going to go if it is hit by the cue stick at that angle.  Notice the circle of light around the cue ball.  In this area of light a computer measures the angle of the cue stick in relation to the cue ball, and then it projects a visual line of trajectory showing where the ball will go.  The line actually moves with movement of the cue stick in real time.


Really crazy pool


You can see that each ball gets its own line of trajectory. Each line is programmed to be a different color, to avoid confusion.  Needless to say this is probably the most intense pool tutor on the planet.  And it is a robot.  Now all the inventors need to do is attach some humanoid C3po/ Jarvis the butler robot to help you through each shot. The most immersive augmentation of pool ever.