Some of The Best Tutoring Sites

We offer some pretty good tips on how to improve your billiards technique. However, we feel as if it hasn’t ever been the most comprehensive and in depth advice, so we have compiled a few different websites that are great to refer to.

This is the best place to go to for pool advice. Heck, sometimes I will sneak over there and peruse some of the articles they have for myself.  They make learning the technique really easy and simple.  They have videos and pictures to illustrate it.  I know it can be hard to understand some of the pool lingo if you aren’t to familiar with it.

Billiardworld is a great place to find in depth technique, and it is is great because each tip and technique is sorted in its own list.  It is fun and easy to use website that also has a section for billiards articles.  So if you are a person who likes the history and happenings of billiards as much as the game itself, this is a great website for you to check out.

I guess Colorado state put a billiards website out.  Don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t look like it has been updated since the early nineties, it is still a very comprehensive site, with videos, instructional articles, analysis charts, and more.  And even though the graphic design looks like it came straight out of an Atari game it is still comfortably navigable.