Stable Mind

Everyone who is half way familiar with pool knows that you must have a sturdy and stable stance when shooting, other wise it is like trying to string spaghetti through a needle.  Without a stable stance your shot will be a mess and the cue stick can go anywhere.


However,  you also need to have a stable mind set. How often have you been at that shot, the one that is easy as pie during practice but always makes you choke during a competition. This is when you are being mentally raped by a shot.  Your mind is a thought factory, constantly pumping out thought after thought.  As soon as you let a hint of doubt enter your mind that is when it becomes a hiccup in your record.

Play better think better

Tip today: Practice control over your thoughts.


  1. Imagine yourself at practice.  Remember that it is just a game and you have already practiced this shot many times.
  2. Do not let your mind run loose.  A loose stance will make for sloppy shots, same goes for a loose mind.  When you find yourself over-thinking a situation, scared of a shot, frustrated, stop and ask yourself “is my mind loose”.
  3. Envision the shot.  Take a moment to breathe and relax and actually visualize yourself making the shot.  The neural networks in the brain will actually do a practice run, so that the neural networks in the muscle have a better course to follow when actually put into practice.
  4. Repeat a mantra.  This will help to keep yourself in a mental state of stability.  It will also make things seem comfortable and familiar no matter where you are or what tournament you are playing in.
  5. Keep confident.  Once you lose your confidence fear will grip you and strangle all your ability.  Remember that you can do it.