The Secret to Riding the Rail

You know that feeling you get when you see the object ball frozen right against the rail.  You don’t know whether to hit the ball or to hit the rail first, and most the time either way is going to end up bumping the object ball right to the center of the table.

This is the feeling I mean.


The objective here is to get the object ball to roll alongside the rail and to fall into the pocket.  Now there are two different techniques that are usually employed.  The first technique is to aim to hit the rail and the object ball at the exact same time.  The second technique is to hit the rail just a fraction of a second before you hit the frozen ball.


Now there are experts on both ends of these two controversial techniques that have very impressive credentials.  But we are not going to listen to the experts we are going to learn a fool proof method of sinking rail-frozen balls.


The trick is to employ a slight inward English. This is one of the very few times you would ever even consider using an English.  Ask any pro, if there is any possible way to avoid using an English use that is the way to go.

Hitting the cue ball for left English.


So aim for a point on the rail just barely behind the frozen object ball.  To give the ball an English you will hit it just barely off center.  Make sure the ball is spinning the direction you want the object ball to travel after contact is made. You want to get the cue ball to roll straight into the object ball, and the spin from the English will help you do this.