The Top 5 Coolest Pool Tables

There are many pool tables out there, some cooler than others.  Putting practicality aside, there are some pretty cool looking tables.  Here is my top five list of the coolest pool tables.

1. The “Pool” Pool Table

Whether somebody had thought of the most convenient thing ever, or took the term “pool table” a little too literally, we’ll never know; but I don’t think a day could be more fun than enjoying a day in the pool and shooting some stick. This pool table is water-proof so you don’t need to worry about splashing!

2. The Glass Pool Table

I don’t think there is a more awesome and sleek designed pool table. It’s very simplistic yet stylish. The thing I like about it is how it doesn’t take up so much space like other big and bulky pool tables. Playing billiards on glass must be very different from playing on normal canvas; I bet it makes the game more interesting.

3. The Disappearing Pool Table

Talk about convenience; I don’t think you could as for a more user-friendly and convenient table than this one. If you want to play a game then you just have to push a button and bring it up. If you want to use that space to play Twister or something, another push of a button and it is out of sight and out of mind. Check out the video to see how smooth it works.

4. The Mustang Pool Table

You can relive the good ol’ days with this table. Talk about class! The only thing better than having a pool table and a Mustang is having a combination of both of them! I wonder if the wheels allow for easier transportation.

5. Obscura Cuelight Pool Table

This is by far the coolest pool table ever! The table is sensitive to where the balls are located and, when hit, it will show a trail of the ball! By the looks of this video you can customize to just about how ever you like it to be. It looks like there is a very interesting color pre-set and a fire trail! Check out this video!

Well there you have it. Those are 5 of the coolest pool tables ever!