Top 5 Rules of Pool Players Don’t Know

It is not my intention to preach to anyone. So take this little blog as a suggestion.  If you want to, you can start playing pool by the rules, and if you don’t want to you don’t have to.  It is a game after all. Just make sure that you and your opponent are on the same page. Misunderstandings in pool can be uncomfortable at times, especially when your opponent is bigger and punches much harder than you.

1. Getting tips mid-game is actually illegal.  Now I personally don’t know anyone that is going to be upset about asking for some help during a shot, but I guess this is a good one to know in case you accidently stumble into a pool competition.

2. Sitting on the table is totally illegal. A lot of people will lay their torsos across the table or sit side saddle so that they can hit the shot a little easier.  Stop. Actually you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  However, official rules state that one foot must be flat on the floor during shots.

3. Hitting a numbered ball off the table is worse than a scratch. Hitting the cue ball into a pocket or off the table results in a scratch. This means the cue ball goes into the kitchen.  If a numbered ball is  knocked of a table it is not only a scratch, but that specific ball is placed int he foul spot.  (foul spot is the place on the table where the balls were originally racked.)

4. Don’t Hit The Opponents Ball Before Your Own. In league games this would be considered a scratch.  When playing leisurely though it is always good to know if your opponent honors this rule, or if he even knows about it.

5. Eight Ball on Break Equals a Win. You would think that most pool players would know the quickest way to insure a win, but turns out that isn’t the case.  If you hit the eight ball into a pocket off the break you win. Simple as that.  To avoid embarrassment of the other player, make sure they know this rule before you tell them they just lost right after you break.