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Don’t feel like sorting through all of those reviews? We certainly have reviewed just about every brand of pool table out there. If you have browsed through our highest rated brands and still are unsure as to which tables are the best, we thought it would be helpful to tell you our favorite billiard tables. With our brand reviews you can see which brands we think are the best generally, but you might be wondering which of all the models in each brand are the best.

With that in mind, we decided to let you know which models we prefer to play on. In other words, if I was in the market for a pool table for my home, which model would I buy? I can tell you with utmost certainty it would definitely be one of the three listed below. These are the best models from the best brands. And best of all they are affordable. It’s easy to spend $10,000 or more on a pool table, but these models won’t bust the budget.

So take a look and see which models we think are the best pool tables!

1. Huntington – by Olhausen

Huntington Olhausen pool tableThe Huntington is our favorite model from Olhausen. You get 100% solid hardwood, 1″ thick slate, custom felt color and a lifetime warranty which is fantastic. Olhausen in our opinion is just the best there is out there, and even better is that they are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. We love the classic look of this pool table from the best billiards brand there is!

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2. Seville – by Timber Creek

Seville Timber Creek pool tableThe Seville has got to be the coolest looking pool table we have ever seen and is made by one of the best brands in the billiard table industry, Timber Creek. This table has intricate hand carving, solid wood construction, 1″ thick slate, solid hardwood rails with double-diamond sights and is also manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

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3. Allenton – by Brunswick Billiards

Allenton Brunswick pool tableOne of the best reasons to get the Allenton from Brunswick is that you don’t just get free shipping, but you get free professional installation as well. Brunswick has a lifetime warranty on all their tables too. With the Allenton you can choose your wood finish, leg style, cloth color, cloth type, slate and size. Plenty of great options from a really great billiards company, and all for just $1,999.00.

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