What To Look for In A Pool Table

Pool tables are like women, each is specific to her man. Each pool table is going to be different to some degree, and that is a good thing because you do not want your neighbor sharing the same experience as you every time he wants to stay up late and play an extra game.

The first thing to look at is price range.  Just like any women, tables come from different places with different prices.  Some tables will be Olhausens, while others are going to be mere Harvils. There is no shame in a Harvil, some people actually prefer the cheap ones.  However, if you want to get one that lasts, that stays with you your entire life and then is passed down from generation to generation, you are going to need to make a small investment.  Extremely nice pool/billiard tables cost anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars, which is well worth it seeing how it will outlive you and your children.

Then there is the slate to look at.  Some tables have a solid surface underneath the felt cover, these are usually more expensive because they are much more sturdy and have fewer imperfections.  Think of the felt as the inside, you know the stuff that really counts, where the felt cover is just the veneer superficial layer.  If you just want a table for looks, something to spruce up your gaming room, then by all means go with a table that has wood inside.  It will be cheaper.