When winning makes you a Loser


Here are some obscure pool rules that you can exploit to help you win more games, inflate your ego, and to help you become a total jerk in the pool hall. We’ll start with the rules that will give you only a marginal advantage when enforced properly — this means that you will need to be ready to call out your opponent when he makes the most minor infraction as well as not drawing attention to the fact that you broke the rule multiple times before enforcing it.

Rule 1) It is actually against the rules to to sit on a billiards table in any game. This is for obvious reasons but it is still commonly practiced by many casual players. If your opponent breaks this rule you should inform him of his misconduct only after he has perched himself on the table so that one; he has officially broken the rule an incurred a foul; and two, he looks like a jerk for not knowing the rule beforehand.

Here is a great shortcut to winning a game of pool. Of you can manage to sink the eight ball on the break you have actually won the game. This rule is backed up by league play and is verifiable in any rule book. This doesn’t mean that the average casual billiards player knows this rule, however, and so you should be ready to back up your claim. This is a legitimate rule however so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it in the rule books.

Another rule related to the eight ball says that if you scratch, or pocket the cue ball, when you are attempting to sink the eight ball then you have just lost the game. Most billiards player do know this rule, but you should always be ready to point it out when your opponent has erred and deny it when you have made the clumsy mistake yourself.